Activity Planner

Activities for Classes Nursery to VIII

Months Themes Nursery LKG UKG I-II III-V VI-VIII
April Earth Day 'Character Come Alive' (Fancy Dress) 'I verses Me' (Self Introduction) 'Flaunt and Disclose' (Show and Tell) 'My Own World of Words' (Poem Recitation) 'Cultural Gala' (Solo Dance Competition) 'Expression' (Slogan Writing/Poster Making)
May Labour Day and Mother's Day 'Card-a-Thon' (Card Decoration) 'Rhythmic Recital' (English Poem Recitation ) 'Walk in Style' (Fancy Dress) 'Palette Spirit' (Drawing Competition) 'Culinary Cuisine' (Cooking without Fire) 'Refuse, Reduce and Reuse' (Best out of Waste)
July Fruits and Health 'Razmattaz' (Fruit Mania) 'Colour Quest' (Colouring Competition) 'Rigmarole' (English Poem Recitation) 'Hunt for the Avidreader' (Story Telling) 'Mind-Buzz' (Maths Quiz) 'Explore your Horizon' (Exhibition)
August Independence Day, Raksha Bandhan and Janmashtmi 'Dance Alley' (Group Dance ) 'Little Choir' (Group Action Song ) 'Song Slam' (Group Song) 'Grab the Beats' (Group Dance) 'Thespian Art' (Historical Play) 'Scratch your Brain' (India's Heritage and Science Quiz)
Sept Teacher's Day and Grandparents Day 'Conquer the Mike' (English Poem Recitation) 'Curtain Call' (Story Enactment) 'Dance-Ma-Taz' (Group Dance) 'Mathefide' (Fun with Shapes) 'Razzle Dazzle' (Poem Recitation) 'Pandora's Box ' (Extempore)
Oct Dussehra and Diwali 'Rolequest' (Role Play) Flamboyant Diya' (Diya Decoration) 'D├ęcor Broadway' (Card Making) 'Lok Gayan' (Doha / Chaupai Recitation) 'Victory over Evil' (RamayanDepiction) ' Diwali Fiesta' (Rangoli making)
Nov Children's Day

'Run for Fun' (Fun Games & IH Sports)

Dec Christmas 'Whim Wham the Cap' (Cap Decoration) 'Beats N Steps' (Group Dance) 'Spotlight Fight' (Story Enactment) 'Cheer Me Up' (Carol Singing) 'Curtain Raiser' (One Act Play) 'Chat Show' (Radio Show)
Jan Republic Day 'Song in Motion' (Action Song) 'Colour Mania' (Colouring Competition) 'Design a Flag' (Flag Making) 'Pictionary' (Weave a Story) 'LaghuNatika ' (Hindi Skit) 'Youth kiAwaz' (NukkadNatak)
Feb Nature 'Way to Stage' (Jungle Scene Depiction) 'Skills n Thrills' (Show and Tell ) 'Talent on Guard' (Role play) 'Skit o Mania' (Skit) 'Edific' (Science Model Making) 'Pot Boiler' (English Declamation Competition)