Joyful learning in happy school

BPSG-is a school where all members of the school community have equal access to learning opportunities and enjoy growing and learning together. Our school is a caring school where all children are happy and well-motivated, where they approach and achieve high standards through fun and enriched curriculum.

Happiness in class is a part of school curriculum. It is a combination of technology and Indian values. It is a platform which provides students to express talent and creativity. It ensures quality and decorum within the prescribed framework. A concept of happy school is also considered as a prosperous and successful school as it encourages, avails and promotes the learning of their students. It is an educational initiative that makes learning enjoyable and fun for their students and helps bring about a healthier and happier relationship between teachers and students.

To be a class apart:

  • C-Caring
  • L-Learning
  • A-Achieving
  • S-Sharing
  • S-Social Responsibility

How can schooling be enjoyable?

Make and listen to good music.

Tell and listen to good stories.

Hear and recite good poems.

Marvel at Creation.

Craft and play.

Converse and compose.

Be a merry band.

Attend the feast.

Worship together the Maker of it all.

If we could make it so, and do it with all our hearts, we would be a school worthy of the name. For now, we accept it as a mission ,an idea in the making, imperfectly realized, but worth doing even if only in part, working together, as citizens of democratic India as we grow in our trust and love for one another.